"Sea of Dreams"(Mar de Sueños) in 285 theaters throughout the United States

"Sea of Dreams" (Mar de Sueños) written by José Bojorquez and David Howard (A Snail's Tale) and directed by José Bojorquez is now touching audiences around the United States. The film is now on theaters everywhere. An excellent cast: Jonathan Schaech, Sendi Bar, Nicholas Gonzalez, Sonia Braga, Angelica Maria, Seymur Cassel and Pablo Santos.

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AMANDA MIGUEL IN "Sábado Gigante" (click here for Spanish)

Amanda Miguel was invited as a judge to the "Sábado Gigante" show (Univision Network), every Saturday at 8 p.m. (eastern time) in the contest "Los Reyes del Chacal".

Cristina and Aquiles Enriquez in the "Sábado Gigante" show along with Amanda Miguel who, due to her great demand not only as a performer but also for her great ability as composer and writer, was chosen by the "Sábado Gigante" show as a judge (for the last 12 shows) of the contest "Los Reyes del Chacal".

This show has the highest rating not only within the Latin Networks but also in the American Networks having a total of 100 million viewers internationally.

Aquiles Enriquez, Amanda Miguel, Don Francisco y Cristina Enriquez en "Sábado Gigante"

CARINA RICCO in "DON FRANCISCO PRESENTA" (click here for Spanish)

Carina Ricco was invited to “Don Francisco Presenta” (Univision Network) on Wednesday April 18th at 10 p.m. eastern time.
She introduced for the first time songs from her new album, "Viaje Personal", which is in stores now, and announced a very big event produced by “Proyecto Latino” (Latin Project), “El Fondo Educacional Eduardo Palomo” (Eduardo Palomo Educational Fund), “Artist for Human Rights” and the City of Huntington Park with many well-known artists and personalities involved in this event releasing at this event the Spanish version of the 30 ads “Youth For Human Rights".

Aquiles Enriquez, Don Francisco y Carina Ricco


"The Abandoned" written and directed by Nacho Cerdà is now making an impact in the United States. Nacho Cerdà hand picked each actor making sure he had the best actors for this film, which was chosen Fan Favorite at the After Dark Film Festival "8 Films to Die For". Anastasia Hille, Karel Roden and Carlos Reig-Plaza starred in this movie.  Carlos Reig-Plaza, one of our clients, makes a delightfull and incredible performance making critics all over the world stunned and even compared him with Bob Hoskins.

See "The Abandoned" now in DVD.

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Every year we produce and/or do the PR of dozens of different types of events such as concerts, theater, fundraisings, etc..

Saturday, September 9th, Carina Ricco performed her First GIG to present her new material. Her charmed and energy filled the stage giving an amazing performance.

INTERNATIONAL AWARDED FILM "Un Secreto de Esperanza" (A Beautiful Secret)

"Un Secreto de Esperanza" is the last film of the legendary Mexican actress Katy Jurado. Professional Public Relations Celebrity

Consultants, Inc (PPR) created a successfull and consistent Public Relations campaign. †This campaign is handled 100% by us and is creating a big and positive impact around the Hispanic market and it is now spreading into other markets around the world. This film is known in English, with the working title as "A Beautiful Secret". For more information on the press and media on this film go to its official website.


Eduardo Palomo (Actor) (Details)
Carina Ricco (Singer) (Details)
Amanda Miguel (Singer) (Details)
Diego Verdaguer (Singer, Composer and Producer) (Details)
Fruco (Legendary Salsa Musician) (Details)
Pablo Santos (Actor) (Details)
Carlos Sotomayor (Producer)


Peter Greene (Actor) (Details)
Marisol Nicols (Actress)(Details)
Carlos Gallardo (Actor, Writer and Producer) (Details)
Maria Conchita Alonso (Actress and Singer)
Emanuel (Latin Singer) (Details)
Klauz Menzel (Director) (Details)
Yolanda Pecoraro (Actress): Death Tunnel (Lead), November 2nd (Lead, soon to be released)
Jaime Aymerich (Actor): Un Secreto de Esperanza (Lead), Fat Actress (Recurring)
Juan Colomer (Composer): Aimée Price (Composer), La Opinion - Interview
Yennifer Behrens (Actress): La Opinion - Interview, Latin Heat - Interview,


Carlos Reig-Plaza: The Abandoned (Lead), L Cor de la Ciutat (Recurring, Spain), Hidden Camera (Supporting)
Jessica Barbery: The Wrath, Jessie's Diary (pilot) and media


Gioel Enriquez : Variety of shows and media
Last Stance: Variety of shows and media


Special campaign for Colombian "Paso Fino" horses for the United States and Colombia

Latin America campaign for the Spanish release of 6 Bestsellers of the well-known and acclaimed author L. Ronald Hubbard. This campaign included the release of the book "Dianética" (Dianetics)


1988 -1989 Stress Release campaign for the Latin community in USA. This event was located at Universal Amphitheater in Los Angeles, California

1998 Disaster Relief for Central American countries, "Hurricane Mitch", campaign to raise funds for these countries. The event was located at the Celebrity Center International Pavillion in Hollywood, California

Established the International "Day of the Latin Singer" produced in Los Angeles, California

FEB, 2006 We produced two Benefit concerts with Amanda Miguel and Diego Verdaguer; one at the Heritage Forum in Anaheim, California and the other at the Alex Theater in Glendale, California (Sold Out Event). Besides producing these, we handled the PR and Advertising Campaign for the two Benefit concerts which launched the “Eduardo Palomo Educational Fund” dedicated to forward the programs of the “Proyecto Latino” (Latin Project)

MAR. 2006 - APR. 2006 We produced a California tour of the famous play “Una Pareja Con Angel” (A couple with an Angel) which opened at the Orpheum Theatre in downtown Los Angeles.  We then took the play to the Soroyan Theatre in Fresno, California. After Fresno we took the play to the Alex Theatre in Glendale, California. We, then, finished the tour at the Fox Theatre in Bakersfield, California. Besides the production of the play, we also handled the PR and Advertising campaign for the play. The play was written by the late actor Eduardo Palomo and benefited the "Eduardo Palomo Educational Fund"

Literacy campaign for the Spanish Community and Latin America (on going)