In the past twenty years Professional Public Relations Celebrity Consultants, Inc. has developed public relations and marketing campaigns in Latin markets (both USA and Latin America) for personalities, movies and companies. We have also developed strategic public relations plans to make sure the goals of our clients are successfully met.

We specialize in a very specific market - the Latin (Hispanic) market. This market has a high demand which increases daily for all kinds of products.

It takes a professional team to understand a whole new ethnic.

Most of the businesses and personalities who try to generate good will in this market fail. This happens because they do not understand the ethnic point of view of the many different publics and the full scope of the Latin (Hispanic) markets.

For example, a stand up comedian would get very different results if he used the same material with an English-speaking audience in the US and, say, a non English-speaking audience in China with a simultaneous translation. In order to make people laugh, one must understand their culture! In the same way, you need to understand your market to make an effective impact.